EES president maps out strategy to develop Egbaland


Chief Sina Luwoye, the Incoming President, Egba Economic Summit (EES), on Friday , said that the EES had mapped out strategies to make impact in Egbaland and in the lives of all residents through facilitation of developmental projects.

Luwoye stated this while delivering his acceptance speech at the 4th Annual General Meeting of EES held in Abeokuta.

He opined that his team would source and engage a reputable global consultancy firm to develop EES’s Medium Term Goals and Plan for Egbaland and EES Operating Model.

“Egba land is in serious needs for our inventive genius in all areas of life and nationhood.

“The generality of institutions; Obas, governments, youths, businesses, Nigerians in diaspora etc. are tired of our excuses and below average performance on our shared vision.

He said that there were much more remediating measures EES could collectively initiate to mitigate Egbaland from most of the social ills and economic disequilibrium that Nigerians and businesses were facing currently as a result of poor planning and disconnect between people and all levels of governments in Nigeria.

He promised to improve on EES governance and operating model in the next three months to bring it at par with the Nigerian Economic Summit Group.

The incoming president of EES noted that the “urgency of now” theme of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) was more apt to the reality of EES as of now.

He stated that terms of reference shall be agreed by the governing Council, saying it was important to reenvision by reconnecting with all past leaders, members and reassure new members.

“Though great ideas are in abundance among and within us, unfortunately we are all very busy and engaged CEOs and at this level we should be engaging our money and other capacities to do the work for us through people who have the critical competencies to articulate our vision and mission.

“We shall quickly resolve our accommodation problems. We want to make impact in Egbaland and in the lives of all residents in Egbaland .

” We shall automate the Secretariat by having a General Secretary with the capacity to execute our aims diligently with a knife-edge ability and improving on facilities provided by immediate past presidents,” he said.

Luwoye promised to continue the engagements toward quick transformation of EES and viable family to a dependable and impactful organisation.

He added that more sacrifices and appeasements would be required from members for the transformation of EES to formidable economic think-tank organisation that could champion the course of developments and improved amenities in Egbaland.


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