Disconnection; A Messenger Of Hatred


By Soliu Owoyabu

The Cambridge Dictionary defines disconnection as the action of stopping the supply of a service such as Electricity, Gas, Water or Phone to a place; especially because money has not been paid. Also, disconnection is the state of being isolated or detached.

The meaning of disconnection in this piece is the absence of rapport or a break down of effective communication between two parties by an intermediary.

Sometimes, mother happens to be an intermediary between her children and their father. A father who rarely create time of discussion with his children may have poor output from his children; especially a responsible father who strives for the provision of needs and wants of his children. An intermediary (mother) is the one who will determine whether there will be good or bad output of the children. Let me use a mother who is always demanding for the provision of everything from his husband to the extent of cooking ingredients. Her husband pays children’s school fees, buys clothes, provides all their needs and pays all necessary bills of the House through her. Her husband has never for once called the children to give them money for their needs or pay the remaining necessary bills of house by himself but use her as an intermediate with the believe of getting good outcome. Imagine, if this woman tells neighbors that he is the only one who pays for everything because her husband is not responsible, who will say no? And also tell the children that, she is the only one who loves them wholeheartedly, and not their father. Children see their father as irresponsible one not knowing that he is the one who provides their needs.

When their is disconnection between the employer and the employees, their will be absence of development in the organization. When there is disconnection between the leader and the followers, the success of that leader is not guaranteed.

Disconnection between government and the media, is a disconnection of the government and the populace. Without media no citizens can see, hear, know and understand what government is doing. When their is no effective communication between the government and the media there won’t be any effective communication between the government and the public. When government makes a mistake, it uses media to correct it. When government wants to make any policy, it needs the media to bring such to the ears of the public.

The Almighty God has blessed the people of Ogun State with a God- fearing and visionary governor but not known to the citizenry due to disconnection between his government and the media. He became governor out of God’s benevolence. I mean, without any middle man between him and God; but he must govern the people with intermediate to have connection with the citizenry. Unfortunately, some of his intermediate who are expected to be connecting his government with people; especially media are in the ones fueling disconnection.

As an inspirational person and one with unconventional style of making things work in every sector of the state, the effects of disconnection from media made his efforts unpopular. If his type of governance and compassion are emulated by his subordinates, all opposition parties in the state would have waited till the end of his Eight Years tenure.


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