Apostle David Ahmed Bello Otaru, Ogun State Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, A Man of Grace


Felix Oluwaseun Agbesanwa.

It’s no more news again that the first tenure of Apostle David Ahmed Bello Otaru ended on Tuesday, July 19th, 2022.

In this write-up, I want us to look into some major landmarks in the administration of this man of Grace.

He came in to succeed a sound administrator of great repute named Bishop Tunde Akin Akinsanya. His predecessor transformed the body and established a structure that is a model for all other chapters across the country.

Apostle Otaru’s major landmark is the purchase of the PFN legacy which really proves to all and sundry that his predecessor did not make a mistake at all in handing over to him.

This land purchased by the Grace of God is under construction with the support of all stakeholders.

Another major landmark is the introduction of one day State Chairman which the children’s department is behind it. This is done every year during the Children’s day celebration.

His welfare approach to issues is great and his level of relationship with elders, and leaders of faith is great.

The PFN Southwest scored him very high during the hosting of the Southwest meeting at the Legacy Secretariat.

Come July 28th, with the approval of the leaders of the body, Otaru has been given a second-term ticket.

All eyes are on this humble man of God who has taken the body to a greater height.

Pastor Felix Oluwaseun Agbesanwa.

Publicity Secretary, Ogun State PFN


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