Akirun stool: Oba-elect calls for calm as litigations stall his installation


Prince Olalekan Akadiri, the selected Akinrun of Ikirun (Ifelodun Local Government Area of Osun), has called on his supporters and people of Ikirun land to remain calm, as his installation was being stalled by litigations.

Akadiri, in a statement on Sunday, urged the people of his community, to maintain peace, saying the peace of Ikirunland should be paramount to all sons and daughters of the town.

He said that nobody should go to war or engage in any violent act because of their support for him or in reaction to the delay in his installation.

He said his delayed installation and coronation should not warrant his supporters or people to resort to acts capable of truncating the peace and security of Ikirun Town.

“Ikinrun people should remain calm and be law-abiding. We don’t want trouble. It is better to dialogue than to wage war.

“All the major stakeholders are already working to ensure peace continues to reign in Ikirun Town. The market people, artisans, chiefs and transport unions are all working with us to ensure peace,” he said

He, however, said he was hopeful that the selection process, which was one of the reasons for litigation, would be clarified by the court soonest, so the Akirun stool would be filled and the town would be set on the path of development.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that Prince Yinusa Akadiri from Oba Ara Ruling House of Ikirun, had been selected as the next Akirun of Ikirun by six kingmakers out of seven in the community.

Akidiri selection came on the backdrop of the demise of the last Akinrun, Oba AbdulRauf Adedeji, who ascended the royal stool in 1991 and later joined his ancestors in February 2021, after a brief illness.

The selection of Akadiri has, however, generated a lot of controversies, with a series of court cases challenging his selection, which later forced the state governor to withheld assent to his nomination as the next Akirun (NAN)


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