Akirun stool: Judge returns case file to CJ for reassignment


Justice Adedotun Onibokun of an Osun High Court, has directed the court clerk to return the case file concerning the restriction/selection of the “Akinrun of Ikirun” to the Chief Judge (CJ) of the state for reassignment.

Onibokun took the decision on Friday, based on the demand of some of the parties in the matter, that expressed loss of confidence in his court.

Mr Muhydeen Adeoye, counsels to the defendants (Ikirun kingmakers) in the matter, urged the court to transfer the case file to the CJ for reassignment to another judge, saying his clients have lost confidence in the court.

Adeoye said the decision is premised on the alleged unfavorable calls and messages by the bailiff of the court, directing him to come to the court when the matter was not slated to be heard.

He said, “we were in court on Dec. 6 and the matter was adjourned to Feb. 17, 2022. I was surprised to see messages and calls from the bailiff of the court, directing me to come for the matter by 1pm of Dec. 8.”

“I discussed the action of the bailiff with my clients and they directed me to write to the CJ, stating their loss of confidence in the ongoing matter which I have done.

“I will be praying your Lordship to allow the matter be abate, pending the treatment of the letter submitted to the CJ.”

The Gboleru Ruling House plaintiffs’ counsel, Chukwudi Maduka, however, countered the request and asked the court to disregard the application and go on with the proceeding since the parties were present in court.

Onibokun later directed the clerk to transfer the case file to the CJ, saying that she has no interest in the matter.

NAN reports that Princes Mudasiru Olatunji, Lukman Olatunji and two others, on behalf of Gboleru Ruling House of Ikirun, Ifelodun Local Government Area of Osun, had on Nov. 24, filed a motion ex parte, asking the court to stop the Oba Ara and Adedeji Ruling Houses in Ikirun, from contesting the vacant stool of the Akinrun of Ikirun with them.

They also asked the court to stop the Local Government and the State Government of Osun from accepting any nomination outside the Gboleru Ruling House.



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