Adron Games 2023: Lotus Bank Partners Adron Homes on Annual Sporting Event


Lotus Bank Nigeria confirmed its partnership with the 7th edition of the Adron Games as both organizations struck a partnership deal to showcase the annual sporting event.

In a brief, but meaningful ceremony, the top executive of Adron Sports Foundation paid a courtesy call to the headquarters of Lotus Bank Nigeria to officially unveil the Adron Games trophy.

In an exciting event at Lotus Bank Headquarters, Adron Sports Foundation, one of the leading nonprofit organizations promoting sports in the country, delivered a captivating presentation to Lotus Bank executives.

The occasion marked a significant milestone in the partnership between Adron Sports Foundation and Lotus Bank for the upcoming Adron Games event.

The event showcased the vision and objectives of Adron Sports Foundation and the passion the organization has for promoting sports in the community. The presentation provided a comprehensive overview of the Adron Games event, highlighting its significance in fostering unity, promoting healthy competition, and creating opportunities for young athletes to showcase their talents.

Lotus Bank, known for its commitment to supporting various community initiatives, expressed its enthusiasm for the partnership with Adron Sports Foundation. The bank’s executives acknowledged the importance of promoting sports as a means of improving physical and mental well-being, as well as developing leadership skills and team spirit.

During the presentation, Adron Sports Foundation discussed the various ways in which Lotus Bank will contribute to the success of the Adron Games event. This includes providing financial support, offering resources, and leveraging their extensive network to attract more sponsors and participants.

The collaboration between Adron Sports Foundation and Lotus Bank is expected to have a significant impact on the Adron Games event. With the bank’s support, the event is anticipated to reach new heights and create a positive influence on the sports community at large.

The partnership between Adron Sports Foundation and Lotus Bank is a testament to the power of collaboration and the shared goal of promoting sports excellence. As the excitement builds, both organizations are confident that the Adron Games event will be a resounding success, leaving a lasting legacy in the sporting landscape of the country.

The Executive Director of Lotus Bank Nigeria Mr. Isiaka Ajani-Lawal received the Adron Games Trophy and official merchandise and commended the organiser for the initiative. 

While he also confirmed Lotus Bank as one of the sponsors and Partners of the Games, he stated that the staff of the Bank will also participate in the Games. 

Speaking on this development the Director of Operation for Adron Sports Foundation, Mr. Oladapo Emmanuel reiterated the need for such collaboration to drive an all-inclusive sports development in Nigeria. 

“We are very excited to have Lotus Bank join us for this wonderful initiative. I do not doubt in my mind that this will not only add value to the project but also send a strong message that Sports is a unifying factor”. Oladapo said. 

The Adron Games event will feature competition in over sixteen (16) major sports with medals and cash prizes for all winners.


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