2023 : Abiodun deserves second term, says Ogun assembly aspirant


An aspirant of the Ogun state House of Assembly, Hon.Akeem Oluseye has declared that Gov. Dapo Abiodun deserved second term in office considering his performance in the last three years.

Oluseye explained that the governor had performed tremendously well in security, infrastructure, health and also in providing other basic needs of the citizens.

The assembly aspirant noted that the governor had embarked on projects that would be beneficial to the people of the state.

“It is an open secret by now that events towards 2023 elections are gearing up and it is logical that the number one position in every state of the country is always coveted by many people.

” The state is one of the most difficult to manage in the country due to its proximity to Lagos where over 70% of the country’s commerce resides and sharing international borders with Benin Republic and Atlantic Ocean.

“These twin factors naturally should make the state the haven of criminal activities and den of the underworld. The proactive governor took bold steps towards strengthening the security architecture of the state.

“He first revived the OP-MESA, a joint operation of all security agencies in the state. He then equipped them with state-of-the-art equipment for smooth operations.

“These masterstroke steps has now make the state as safe as anything. The national security issues of kidnapping, herdsmen attacks and others that were rearing their ugly heads into the state early last year have now totally been eradicated.

“One other area we must all give kudos to the governor for is infrastructural development. I do tell people that only ambitious people attempt great things in life.

“The past administrations have undertaken different projects but none has ever been as ambitious as this current one in terms of infrastructural development.

“Verifiable projects that promise to affect the state’s economy positively are either completed, at the verge of being completed or kick-started.

“The Ijebu-Ode – Mojoda – Epe highway with interchange at Ijebu-Ode end is one of such ambitious projects. Maybe we do not know the strategic importance of that road. Here is it.

“The volume of traffic coming from the East, Southsouth and such states in the West like Ekiti and Ondo going to Lagos can now detour at Ijebu-Ode through Epe into Lagos and land at Ajah side thereby relieving the ever-busy Lagos-Ibadan highway.

“Manufacturing companies will tap into this opportunity to establish their factories while the real estate business that was booming in that end will greatly improve. Commercial activities that will affect citizens on that end will start springing up here and there.


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