NYSC Mulls Extended Service For Serial Dress Code Offenders

Corps members serving under the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme have been tasked to adhere strictly to the rules on appropriate dressing at all times or risk their service years being extended.
Mrs Abosede Aderibigbe, a former director, NYSC Press and Public Relations, made this known while speaking with newsmen at the NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp in Sagamu, Ogun on Thursday.
Aderibigbe, who recently retired from service, was at the camp in honour of the NYSC to give a motivational talk to the Batch ‘B’ Stream II corps members presently undergoing orientation.
She urged the NYSC management to revamp the scheme by engaging corps members on the need to project positively the image of the NYSC through maximum dedication and discipline.
According to her, stiffer penalties through suspensions and extended service tenures were some of the considerations being mooted by the NYSC for indescent and improper dressing by corps members.
She acknowledged that even though the NYSC Act presently did not stipulate any specific sanction for improper dressing, it behoved on corps members to dress appropriately depending on the occasion.
“The standard uniform every corps members is supposed to wear is the green khaki with the corresponding white t-shirt and the cap.
“Or the crested vest alongside the jungle boots or white sneakers depending on the occasion.
“Corps members are supposed to wear their NYSC uniforms on the days of their Community Development Service (CDS), biometrics or when going for anything official concerning the scheme.
“But what you see these days are corps members wearing their khakis with different shades of t-shirts, shoes or even alter the shade of khaki entirely from what is approved,” Aderibigbe said.
She said such flagrant abuse contravened the law regulating and prescribing the dress code for all members of the scheme as stipulated in Section 3 subsection (h) of the scheme’s 2012 bye-laws.
On those who intentionally abuse the dress code out of spite for the uniform, the ex-official added that corps members should rather see the uniform as a thing of pride in national service.
“Indecent and improper dressing, in the name of fashion or whatever, is really frowned at in the NYSC. You can’t be in the military and dress anyhow.
“Stiffer penalties for those in the habit of breaking the dressing code will help to engender more discipline amongst corps members.”
Aderibigbe further urged corps members and youths in general to take pride in hardwork rather than look to cut corners for an easy way to obtain wealth through falsehood.
“Improvement can be done in some areas. NYSC needs to jack up with monitoring of the children because a lot of them don’t want to do anything but they want free money.
“Many of them look to cut corners even during their service year by not being committed in their places of primary assignments. Hopefully interventions will put a stop to these type of issues.
“Our children must refrain from the notorious internet fraud we popularly know as ‘yahoo yahoo’ looking for free money they did not work for.
“Money that you did not work for, you won’t get the reward for it likewise you won’t be prudent in spending it. When you work for money, you get reward for it,” she added.

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