OBASANJO: Why I Dumped the Coalition

By on May 10, 2018

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Thursday publicly identified with the African Democratic Congress (ADC),  with a pledge to work with other patriotic Nigerians and groups to bring about the desirable change Nigerians need .

Obasanjo who spoke at a press conference in Abeokuta, said that ADC had embraced the policy of 30 per cent of youth under 40years of age and 30 percent of women ” in all organs of the party”.

According to him since the inception of Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM), a movement he floated early this year many of the 68 registered political parties had contacted and consulted with the movement for them to work together.

Therefore he said, “The leadership of the Movement after detailed consultation and bearing in mind the orientation, policies and direction of the movement agreed to adopt ADC.”

On January 23 , Obasanjo floated CNM citing misgoverance, poor performance, condonation of misconduct, cluelessness, denial and scapegoatism, lack of understanding of dynamics of internal democracy, injustice and inequity prevailing in the country as reason for his action.

“With the emergence of ADC as political party for CNM and its associates and in line with my clear position which i have often repeated, the first phase of my job is done and I will not be a member of the party but pledged to keep alive and active on Nigerians and African issues and interests and offer advice to any individual or for unity and development of the country.

“The grassroots involvement which CNM has advocated must be maintained consistently and inclusiveness must take care over 25 million Nigerians living with disability so that they make meaningful contribution to societal discuss and development, “Obasanjo said.

To curb corruption, Obasanjo noted that primary elections should cease to be by delegate but by all card carrying and financial members of the party within their constituencies.

In his words “If we get the platform right, we will get the system right, particularly in running the government which should be participatory and all encompassing, not exclusive, discriminatory but talent hungry and talent targeting for the good of the country.

” Governance must not be myopic, restrictive and limited to circle of tribe, friends and blood relations but open-armed transparent , open-minded, accomodating and seeking g for the best where the best can be found to achieve the best for the country” .

He called on all Nigerians to be guided and inspired by the Nigerian dream which must be “inclusive, elevating and giving hope, great future and conquering spirits of all Nigerians.

Obasanjo explained that in all situations, Nigerians should stand for good leadership, good governance, all-round development and endured authentic value within nation’s culture.

“If we get it all right our demography will be an asset and not a liability nor indeed a disaster.

” No former political party , movement, social or cultural organisation should claim the sole ownership of the renewed ADC. In name, it is relatively old but in establishment, organisation, memberships, policies, programme, orientation and focus, it is new.

” If this is not understood, accepted by all and make the foundation and pillar of the political party, it will be starting on a very shaky foundation and it will soon fall, ” he said.

Obasanjo, therefore, urged others to join the political party platform to usher  in a new dawn for Nigeria, adding that he might not be able to advise anybody to join PDP or APC.

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