‘Third Force’ Accuses APC, PDP of Playing Games with the Lives of Nigerians

By on April 8, 2018

The Grand National Coalition of the Nigeria Intervention Movement, NIM has accused the two leading political parties in the country of playing games with the lives of Nigerians by the looters lists and counter list which have emanated from the two parties in the past few days.

In a release, a copy of which was made available to OgunToday, Deputy Director General  of the NIM, Mallam Nasser Kura describe the whole episode as laughable which “has turned out to be predictably disappointing and comical”

The movement called on Nigerians to join forces together and take back their country through the PVC driven, ballot based revolution initiated by NIM for 2019 for the purpose of repositioning our pauperised Country, Nigeria back as a society that truly works and serves its citizens.

The statement reads in part, “This unfortunate melodrama of kettle calling pot black was occasioned by a “looters’ list” said to have been released by the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed.

“The whole episode would have been laughable were it not tragic for our common existence as a country. The long awaited list itself, like the then list of nominated ministers has turned out to be predictably disappointing and comical as it contained only names of opposition politicians who are currently facing trial in law courts.

“The surprise, if any, is that no single name of key players from the PDP but managed to defect to the now ruling APC, including those who have been indicted by judicial commissions in their various States, was included. Expectedly, this has given the now opposition party, PDP the moral high ground to justify their alleged looting of our common patrimony.” He said

The NIM wondered why the list released by the APC-led Federal Government has excluded names of pension thieves who are part of the incumbent government and persons accused of diverting funds meant for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) as well as those indicted in the Ikoyigate cash scandal.

“…such list leaves much to be desired and posts a sad commentary on our avowed war against corruption thereby exposing our country to ridicule in the comity of nations!

“NIM sincerely believes that neither the political jesters in the APC nor their counterparts in PDP can take Nigeria to the promised land as their current subterfuges validate the necessity for the intervention of the third force movement whose political grand coalition was recently inaugurated in Abuja to provide an alternative revolutionary platform and leadership for toiling and exploited peoples of Nigeria to achieve their aspirations for a new prosperous and democratic country” It concluded

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