Ogun Deputy Speaker Debunks Rift Between Lawmakers, Governor

By on January 11, 2018

Ogun State House of Assembly Deputy Speaker, Mr Olakunle Oluomo, has debunked any rift between the state legislators, lawmakers representing the state at the National Assembly and Gov. Ibikunle Amosun.

Oluomo, who stated this while playing host to members of the Correspondents chapel of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Ogun Chapter, at his office noted that the relationship between the lawmakers and the governor had been cordial.

Reacting to a report on social media that the governor and the lawmakers were at loggerheads after a meeting at the governors office on Monday, he said that the report were total lies.

The lawmaker, representing Ifo 11 constituency, explained that the meeting held with the governor was an interactive session on how to move the state forward in 2018.

“We are in a political perilous time, so you should expect a lot of things. You see the governor has a policy.

” At the beginning of every year, he will call all members of the National Assembly and the state Assembly for interaction on what and what he wants to do; what is his intention after the budget.

”  So, the same thing happened on Monday . In fact, it was not all the members because we told him we are already on recess and he said if all of you are on recess, get me the principal officers.

“When we got there, we met our National Assembly members too and they said the governor was at the Exco meeting. Though he has informed me that we were going to witness their Exco.

“That’s not the first time, we used to have that once in a while. When we got to the Exco, we met them on the screen. The Commissioner for Budget and Planning highlighting what and what they want to do month by month in form of task setting for the new year.

“After that one, then the governor said can the Exco members identified us? They then said yes and one of them identified Mr Speaker, myself and by the time he got to the third one, we just laughed and the governor said we should do self-introduction which we did.

“After that, we went upstairs for the meeting with Mr Governor. All those things I read there are total lies. Governor just said thank you everybody for the journey so far, he said now, these are the things he wants to do in the year 2018.

“After discussing what the governor will do, he now said we should go into party issue. He asked the Minority Leader who is PDP and the APC Whip to excuse us and they left, remaining only members that are elected on the platform of APC in the state and the national level.

“Mr Governor thanked us and said he’s expecting, according to party, that they would soon make announcement, that by April, things must have been in place.

” That as far as he’s concerned, there are pressures on him on who becomes the governor. He said that if not his commitment to Yewa , that he knows two people inside his cabinet that can do the governor more than himself.

“That the problem he has is that the two of them are not from Yewa. If they are from Yewa, he would just mention somebody’s name. But now, he’s going to do a lot of consultation because he’s committed to Yewa.

” And he appealed to us that if at the end of the day we picked somebody, all of us should rally round that person.

” He said those of you that are in the National Assembly and the State House of Assembly, you know what it means before you got to where you are, that there are places where there are rotational arrangements.

“That there are places when you want to go, you have to beg somebody to step down for you. That such a thing may still happen again and that when it happens, nobody should take offence; that the dynamics of politics would determine what would eventually happen.

” That we should remember that all of us are members of the same party. He said one thing, our political future will not end in 2019 neither will it end in 2023.

” That whoever is not something today can become something tomorrow. That where are those that were something yesterday that are not there today. So those of us that are there today should remember that this would not be the last politics we are going to play.

“And he asked members of the National Assembly to speak one after the other, all of them spoke very well. In fact, Akinlade that is in the governorship race; he said you want to become the governor without consulting me and that one said “shebi it’s my senatorial district and I am out to promote your name.” The governor said okay, no problem.

“He said at the end of the day, all of us will come to the roundtable and resolve. So, when it got to Lanre Tejuoso, Lanre Tejuoso said you have not allowed me to enjoy Buhari and I agree with him because when we were doing the struggle, we pitched him with Buhari to be going about.

” He now said if anybody comes from the Central, I would fight the person. But the only thing is if you as governor wants to contest the Senate, I would withdraw. That’s what he said. Oga said that even SSG wants to be. He (Tejuoso) said you (SSG) wants to be? We’ll fight ourselves. We were just laughing and chatting.

” In fact, it was a nicely meeting on Monday . Everybody spoke his mind. Just as we were stepping out, somebody just showed us on Facebook that the Speaker wanted to walk out on the governor. That we asked him to wait, that he said he (Speaker) is going to pitch tent with Yayi people. We just laughed because nobody even mentioned anything like that.

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