Monkey Pox : Bush Meat Sellers in Ogun Lament Low Patronage 

By on November 6, 2017

More than two months since the outbreak of the Monkey pox disease in some part of the country , many Nigerians have suffered from the scourge, either directly or indirectly.

A group of Nigerians that have suffered heavily from the outbreak of the Monkey pox disease are bush meat sellers.

The Association of Bush meat sellers in Ogun on Friday protested over what they called low patronage of their Bush meat by their customers, blaming it on the news of Monkey pox disease.

Speaking to newsmen at the state secretariat of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), in Abeokuta, Mrs Fasilat Maluti, the President of the association, said that the news of Monkey pox disease had affected their business.

The president said that no such disease in the state, urging the people to continue to buy Bush meat, saying that the people selling Bush meat in the state were well trained on the need to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

Maluti called for urgent intervention from the state government by enlightening the people that the disease had not been discovered in the state, saying that people should continue to eat Bush meats.

She stated that since the pronouncement by the Federal government that Monkey pox disease was detected in some states, the fear had forced regular patronisers of bush meat to stay away.

She explained that the deadly disease had never been discovered in Ogun but the bush meat sellers were seriously paying for it.

“I have spent over 35 years in bush meat business in Abeokuta and we have never engaged in selling monkey.

” We don’t sell monkey to our customers. In Abeokuta, here, we don’t sell any bush meat that is well known to the general public.

“We are selling Grass cutter , Antelope , Snake , Alligator and some wild bird’s among others.

” There are rules and regulations for all members to avoid. And there is a disciplinary committee that implement such if offence is committed by any member.

“All of us don’t have any other source of income than the bush meat business and its what we are using to feed our family and also sponsor our children’s education, ” she said.

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