Accord Party’ll Defend Interest of Yoruba in Southwest  -Okupe

By on November 4, 2017

Former Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to former President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, Dr. Doyin Okupe, on Thursday, said Accord Party is poised to defend the oneness and interest of the Yorubas in Southwest Nigeria.

Hitherto, Okupe noted that the Yoruba had strong advocates of their interest, but regretted that “there have been extreme silence and quietness” in the camp.

The Accord Party Chieftain spoke in Ilaro, Yewa South Local Government of Ogun State, during the commissioning of Ogun West Senatorial District Secretariat of the party.

Okupe also said that the Nigerians had found “a better alternative” in Accord Party because it is “capable of leading Nigerians to the promiseland.”

He described the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as dead political parties, which have no good to offer Nigeria.

The former Presidential Spokesman added that the party would provide a veritable platform for the youth to contest and win political offices.

He said : “This Accord Party is for oneness and we are preaching oneness in the country, but especially we are preaching oneness among Yorubas in the Southwest. This is because hitherto we had people who were strong advocates of the Yoruba interest, but suddenly there have been extreme silence and quietness. Somebody has to rise to that occasion. Accord Party in Southwest is rising to that occasion, to defend interest of the Yoruba people.

“Those that are still joining PDP, APC are like those who visited the graveyard in search of Jesus Christ. Jesus has risen from the dead. PDP and APC belong to the graveyard. They cannot produce anything good for the country.”

“We have established Accord Party for two or three primary reasons. One, we believe only in the young people, the new people and the new generation of Nigeria who are unadultrated, who are immuned to corruption, who have zeal, ability and agility that can save Nigeria.

“But unfortunately the established party cannot accommodate them except under the youth wing. We are not asking people to come and join youth wing. We are asking the youth to come and own the party. Come into Accord Party and be whatever you want to be.

“We will encourage the young people, we will encourage the women, we will teach them and we will coach them. They do not need to have experiences, it is not important. There are life coaches, there are elderly and experienced men in Accord Party who are willing to serve by using the huge experiences in life and politics to assist the upcoming Nigerians.

“Two, we have observed that political parties workers, they call them jobbers. You don’t call them jobbers, you call them co-workers. This is because workers have existed in political parties from time immemorial. And we say the governors are not the Lord of manors in the political party.

“We will establish this political party very firmly in Ogun State and we will get one of us to become the governor and he would serve the people and those who have worked for him.”

Okupe who boasted that Accord Party would defeat the ruling party both at the federal and Ogun State come 2019 elections.

“Who believes David would defeat Goliath? By the grace of God Accord will defeat Goliath of APC and Samson of PDP,” he said.

In his address, Ogun State Leader of Accord, Elder Isiaka Amusa said the party had decided to pick it’s governorship candidate from Ogun West with a view to realising the dream of producing a governor since 1976 when the state was established.

He, however, warned the people to be determined and resist their leaders who according to him had sold out the zone in previous election “in the name of money politics.”

On his part, Zonal Leader of party in Ogun West, Omooba Segun Adewale said Governor Ibikunle Amosun-led APC government “can only boast of marginalisation, poverty, unemployment and poor health care service delivery” in the last seven years.

Adewale said it is high time they rallied round a Yewa candidate to emerge as governor come 2019.

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