“I Can Never Joke About Pastors , Human Private Parts” – Comedian, McPackage 

By on August 4, 2017

One of the most young celebrated comedians in Nigeria , Oreva Godwin Peters , popularly known as Mc package has become a household name all over Nigeria featuring in recent comedy shows.

The talented  comedian, a native of Ugheli South local government in Delta state in an interview with Ogun Today in Abeokuta, talks about how he started his journey as a comedian and what he has been up to lately.Excerpts;

Where do you get the inspiration for your jokes?

My environment, most especially my sisters, because they normally talk about the funny incidents that happened to them either in school or at my mums shop or rather in the compound we stay.

How do you execute your jokes?

Then, when I started, I cracked jokes, but now I tell jokes.

What made you decide to do comedy?

Comedy was not my actual life  back then in secondary school, I was into music and I was funny, I made people laugh, I do go to classes to crack jokes  for them, that was  how the proprietor of the school noticed  me and she started using me in any school activities and other functions.

Who is your role model?

Akpororo, though there are many comedians doing well, but his own style is very different apart from singing and dancing. He has influenced up and coming like us to never give up on our dreams and also use our talent for God before anything.

How did your family react to your career choice?

Well, before my dad died I was already into comedy but that’s in school. But in the year 2015 when I know that being funny pays I started comedy and left everything behind even school.

At first my mum never knew what I was doing but as time goes on she started hearing about me outside and one day she called me and asked me if its true and I said yes then immediately she said “God will see you through” so her reaction was not bad instead it boosted my zeal for comedy.

Talking about your relationship, how has married life been treating you?

Actually not yet married but having little problem with the opposite sex about relationship issues. You know as a public figure that is doing well In the society every girl will always want to be or hangout with you, some will even go to the extent of asking you out. It has been a tough one thou, but marriage is not in my dictionary now am still a young man.

There has been some criticism about adult content in some jokes by comedian, what can you say to that?

That kind of jokes is what will call Raw/Vogul jokes and it’s only meant for clubs or hotels and not all comedians do such jokes. I can’t really say anything about it, but if your audience enjoys your kind of joke its okay, you can move on with it. The kinds of joke you crack or tell to your audience determine the kind of mood or area they are.

Comedy has suddenly become bankable. Did you ever think you’ll be making money from it?

I never thought so. I was only thinking about the fame then, not until I received a call to come and host a wedding for 5k. I was happy then. That is when I realised “BEING FUNNY PAYS”.

Have you ever experienced a scenario where people didn’t find your jokes funny? How did you remedy the situation?

My brother that day was not funny at all. It was as if the earth should swallow me back then. Even after the event I had to run out and hide myself I couldn’t take the shame, but since then nothing of such has ever happened.

Do you have any grey areas – like people and issues you can never joke about?

Yes I do, 1. Pastors, 2. Speaking in tongue/holy spirit, 3. Humans’ private part.

How do you balance your work with your family life?

It’s not easy at all. Sometimes I won’t set my eyes on my family for months due to events, but whenever am around I spend time with them fully

Do you find any other comedian funny and if so who is your favourite?

They are many, but Seyi law and Kennyblaq are my favourites.

What projects have you lined up for the rest of the year?

No projects at all. Just my comedy skit. All projects have been shifted to 2018 by God’s grace. This year has already come to an end. Moreover, I have jobs at hand that run throughout this year so, no chance at all.

What challenges did you face breaking into the big leagues?

I faced a lot of challenges. Like before performing in one of the biggest stage in Nigeria which was early this year at Akpororo vs Akpororo Lagos live at Eko hotel and suit, I had to make sure he knows me and sees that am good at what I do. Also, I made research on his monthly street praise and I started attending, from there he knew me. More so, I followed him on social media like Facebook and Instagram and I shared, like and commented on his post.

Thereafter I did all my best just to make sure I performed on his birthday and church concert and also we met at a competition where he was the judge and I became first runner up there. So all my efforts wasn’t easy at all.

How long have you been in the comedy industry?

By October this year it will be two years.

If you are not a comedian, what else would you have done?

I studied photography at Lagos state skills acquisition center. So definitely I would have become a Director of photography or a videographer.

Do you have situation where people don’t take you seriously because of your profession?

Yes, people don’t take me seriously most of the time, especially ladies. They think I tease them every time, they know when am serious or not. You want to get something serious and people just see you and think it’s a joke. I think it’s the sacrifice that comes with the job.

10 years from now, where do you see yourself?

10 years is too far but since you asked I will tell you. 10years from now am seeing myself as a man who has achieved all his desires as a celebrity comedian and as a father of four kids.

What advice would you give for up and coming comedians?

My advice for them is never to give up on their dreams and always put God first in everything they do

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